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Chief Technical Officer & Partner

Mr. Frederick’s distinguished career in innovative electronics and mechanical devices began in the early 1970’s in southern California.

In his first major achievement, Mr. Frederick was part of the team to develop the world’s first authentic, commercially viable helical escalator. He engineered a new approach to the electronic power and sensing system controlling and driving this cutting edge escalator. Besides being the resident electrical engineer, Mr. Frederick also served in the capacity of Secretary & Treasurer for the corporation.

In his second major achievement, he partnered with a physician and another engineer to invent the first portable electronic thermometer. Later, Mr. Frederick and the same team made additional advances in medical technology with the introduction of two (2) state-of-the-art, critical care devices for use in ambulances - a portable automatic electrocardiograph unit and portable defibrillator. These devices also transmitted essential patient data real-time enroute to the attending hospital.

A few years later, Mr. Frederick developed the first solid-state guitar amplifier along with ancillary devices to alter sound. This advancement introduced a new universe of musical sounds that helped expand artist creativity and listener enjoyment.

Mr. Frederick helped develop the first portable Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) unit for the U.S. Army. Further, his background enabled him to work for numerous government and military organizations, including NASA, NORAD, and the Air Force 2nd Space Command. In his tenure at NASA, he personally designed components critical to the maneuverability of the Space Shuttle.

Abroad in Hebei Provence, China, Mr. Frederick worked with the Dean of International Studies at Hebei Medical University. In recognition of his work, he was made a member of their International Consulting Staff.

Mr. Frederick has served as president of two homeowner associations, board of directors member, and spent several years as a Round Table Commissioner for the Boy Scouts of America. He is also a past member of Toastmasters International.

Mr. Frederick holds Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration.

Mr. Frederick’s recreational passion is yachting with a special emphasis on the restoration of older wooden hull powerboats. He also enjoys traveling to various Asian countries and learning new languages.